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Discover a True Work/Life Harmony

Add a little more balance to your life.

Like most city residents you're no doubt juggling a fast-pace career, kids and a long and stressful commute that doesn't leave anyone much time to relax and enjoy your family and friends. It's time to bring some balance to your life and make time for the things that are important.

Why devote hours of your day to a frustrating commute when you can be home in 5-15 minutes. Even in the winter? By living and working in Gravenhurst you can dramatically decrease your daily commute and actually enjoy your weeknights and weekend or vacations is all year round rather than wasting it stuck on the 400.

There are financial benefits to cutting down on your commute, less money spent on gas, maintenance and car insurance can enable you to enjoy more of your favourite activities.

Get outside and play! Living in Gravenhurst offers wonderful outdoor recreation, cultural events, as well as access to lakes, forests, beaches and hills.

We can help you find the job or business opportunity to make your work/life harmony dream a reality.

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Enjoy a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing your career! Sounds to good to be true? Learn about other former residents that rediscovered what life in Gravenhurst has to offer 365 days a year.

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