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It's All About You

Gravenhurst Former Resident Program
The objective of the Program is to bring back former residents who grew up in Gravenhurst, moved away, but still love this community.

The program is designed to reach out to these former residents and remind them of the benefits of living in Gravenhurst 365 days a year, like access to family and friends, better quality of life, and lower cost of living, and inspire them to 'repatriate'.

It's All About You
This program is all about bringing families and communities back together, which is something that everyone can help accomplish.

Former Residents
You moved away to get an education, a job, and life experience...mission accomplished! If you’re thinking it's time to move back, check out the Grow Your Business and Expand Your Career pages to see how Gravenhurst can make coming home a reality.

Family and Friends
Make sure your favorite former resident or out-of-town student realizes how much we all miss them.  Send them a postcard that directs them to this website.

Former residents are characteristically educated, experienced, and looking for great opportunities. Get their attention by becoming a featured employer or posting a job vacancy on this website. Contact Renato Romanin to learn how.

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Success Stories

Robert Engman at work

Enjoy a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing your career! Sounds to good to be true? Learn about other former residents that rediscovered what life in Gravenhurst has to offer 365 days a year.

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