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Life is Sweeter Together

Reconnect with Family
Whether you used to live in Gravenhurst or just visited on vacation you'll know that it's the community that really makes the Town. That sense of belonging makes Gravenhurst a great place to live all year round. Whether you are starting a new business or raising your kids, that friendly neighbourhood support will help make you a success.

Next time you're talking to your friends and family, remind them that the Gravenhurst community will always be here to welcome them.

Introduce Your Friends to the Region
Do you know someone who is looking to move away from the city but they aren't sure where to call home? Let them know that Gravenhurst is an excellent place to redefine their life and spend time their way.

Keep in Touch - Send a Postcard
Remind your friends and family just how great Gravenhurst is, or use this opportunity to introduce them to the area! Not only do these postcards feature stunning photos of Gravenhurst and its residents, but they also have a link to this website providing them with information on why and how they can relocate to Gravenhurst.

Want to really catch their attention? Try one of our hard copy postcards that you can send via regular mail. A picture says a thousand words and in this fast paced world, a postcard is the perfect example of the relaxed lifestyle that Gravenhurst has to offer.

Reconnect With Us

Beach scene

Interested in reconnecting with your hometown? Check out one of our social media communities or join our mailing list for the latest & greatest in Gravenhurst.

Success Stories

Robert Engman at work

Enjoy a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing your career! Sounds to good to be true? Learn about other former residents that rediscovered what life in Gravenhurst has to offer 365 days a year.

Simply provide us with your home address and we will send you a postcard to share with your loved one:
We also offer digital versions of these picturesque postcards. Please provide the following information and we will email a PDF version of the postcard to share with your family and friends.
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