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Escape The City In Gravenhurst

Goodbye big city, Hello fresh air!

Do you dream of days spent fishing, hiking, or just relaxing under the sun? Are you counting down to your next trip outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city? Do you want to be part of a community rather than just another face in the crowd? It’s time to leave the rat race behind and redefine what’s important in your life.

In Gravenhurst, not only do you have space to breathe but also space to grow. With a lower cost of living and a variety of housing options, you can choose what fits your dream and not just what fits your budget.

Gravenhurst is a safe community in a great environment with a strong sense of belonging. Whether you’re looking for space and privacy in a rural property or still want to be part of a neighbourhood street, Gravenhurst has it all.

Trade the frustration of a 69-minute or 59-minute commute, the average for people living in Toronto and Barrie respectively, for a quick 23-minute trip to work in Gravenhurst*. You can even trade your whole commute and work from home. By saving yourself over 3 hours per week commuting you can spend more time pursing your interests.

Recreational activities abound in Gravenhurst allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and be inspired by the beautiful settings of Muskoka. By moving to Gravenhurst you’ll have the time to smell the roses and enjoy the sunshine rather than trying to get a view of the lake or the great outdoors through a maze of high rise buildings or suburban sprawl.


University of Waterloo – Canadian Index of Well Being 2014

Discover more of the Gravenhurst community though the Town of Gravenhurst’s website -

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Enjoy a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing your career! Sounds to good to be true? Learn about other former residents that rediscovered what life in Gravenhurst has to offer 365 days a year.

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