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Embrace The Non Commute In Gravenhurst

Redefine Your Commute

When you were younger, did you dream of a job where you had to work late every night, spend a few hours a day driving back and forth to work just to miss dinner or your child’s soccer game or recital? Of course not. Working in Muskoka not only allows for a shorter daily commute, but it also means you’re already there when your friends are stuck on the highway trying to get a break for the weekend.

There are also financial benefits to working where you live. You’ll spend less money on gas and enjoy better car insurance rates when you shorten, or even completely eliminate, your commute to work. Your housing costs are lower when you live in Gravenhurst instead of the GTA.

Take back those hours on the train or in your car and rediscover your passion. Spend your time enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family instead of sitting alone and frustrated in your car.

There are a number of ways to work in Gravenhurst, find one that fits your lifestyle.


- Many companies offer telecommuting, allowing you to work from just about anywhere. With the new Fibre-To-The-Home Network that is being installed in Gravenhurst, telecommuting just got easier. Learn more about how you can stay globally connected in Gravenhurst.

Starting your Own Business

Gravenhurst is a wonderful location to start your own business. Downtown Gravenhurst has just gone through a two-year downtown revitalization project with a number of new businesses opening, as well as improvements to the buildings and infrastructure.Check out our Business Support page to find out how the Town of Gravenhurst can help support you while you start your own business.

Finding a Job in Gravenhurst

There are a number of job boards and employments centres to help you find a job in Gravenhurst. Learn more by checking our our Employment Resources page.

Success Stories

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Enjoy a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing your career! Sounds to good to be true? Learn about other former residents that rediscovered what life in Gravenhurst has to offer 365 days a year.

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