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Rediscover An Affordable Lifestyle

The Community You Love, and a House You Can Afford.

Gravenhurst offers a variety of affordable housing options; how about a  quaint bungalows with a large yard, a spacious urban condo near the Wharf or one of the prestigious clubs for the young professional or the newly retired, ready to start enjoying the little things in life again or maybe its a calm and quiet rural property for those looking to get back to a simpler and calmer what of life.

No matter what your dream home, Gravenhurst has something wonderful to offer. First time home buyers will find it much easier to enter the market with our lower housing costs than the GTA. Gravenhurst also offers much more space compared to suburban living as well as better access to recreation and nature.

Gravenhurst residents have a lower cost of living and only 27% of households in Gravenhurst pay 30% or more of their income towards housing costs**.  The average monthly housing cost in Gravenhurst is $949 compared to Ontario’s average of $1181 or Toronto’s average of $1,366**

Here’s an example of what you would pay in Gravenhurst vs. the Greater Toronto Area.

Average Cost
Gravenhurst Downtown Toronto York Region Peel Region Durham Region Halton Region
Condo/Apartment $225,000 $442,520 $390,004 $304,407 $284,014   $422,842
Townhouse $425,750 $536,392 $595,522 $423,463 $339,104   $441,284
$195,000 $834,883 $741,562 $564,227 $429,077  $601,322 
Detached Home $225,000 $1,285,693 $1,174,571 $813,549 $583,433  $1,005,912 
May 2016 TREB Market Watch

You won't just save money on the cost of your home; Gravenhurst offers residential property taxes that are just under the Ontario average and we have competitive electrical rates. If you want to take a closer look, the Ontario Energy Board's website allows you to calculate potential electricity and natural gas rates for your home or office. Detailed pricing for property taxes, energy, waste management, water and sewer, as well as building and development fees are available in the Gravenhurst Community Profile.

Finally, save yourself time by cutting down your commute and working where you live. Toronto and Barrie residents spend an average of 66 and 59 minutes, respectively, in traffic every day. By contrast, people who live in areas like Gravenhurst have an average commute of 23 minutes. That's not just a few hours, that's a difference of 9 to 11 days of lost time per year that you could be spending with your family, working on a hobby or enjoying the sunshine from your boat!

By moving to Gravenhurst, first time buyers can stop paying rent and finally get into the property market. Current owners can upgrade for the same price, or choose to cut expenses and live a simpler lifestyle.

** Statistics Canada NHS Focus on Geography Series 2011
Average Monthly Housing Cost – Statistics Canada NHS Focus  on Geography Series 2011
Toronto Real Estate Board, May 2016
The Lakelands Association of Realtors, May 2016

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